GDROM-Explorer: better late than never

Hi there, Pending the next BIOS release, I decided to update GDROM-Explorer. I received feedback some several people saying that some files were corrupted after extraction. Well that was a really silly bug, a piece of code I forgot about when I was doing some code refactoring a while ago 🙁 Thanks to tormod who…Continue readingGDROM-Explorer: better late than never

GDROM Explorer: version 1.6.2 is out (update)

In this new version, I added a feature for Deunan’s GDEMU: you can now export a GDI dump. It basically copies all the tracks to a specified location, creates a new .gdi file and renames those files so that there are compliant to the DOS 8.3 format. You may say that there are some other…Continue readingGDROM Explorer: version 1.6.2 is out (update)

GDROM Explorer v1.6: not dead yet!

After almost a year, yeah I agree, it is legit to think so… To be honest, this version comes with a lot a new stuff. I wanted to slightly transform this tool into something you would like to use. So in this new version you can get many details about the IP.BIN: list of internal…Continue readingGDROM Explorer v1.6: not dead yet!

GDI Explorer: update

What the hell is going on ? Can anyone explain to me why the CSS sheet is missing on livejournal ? I can’t publish pictures… Anyway, I can publish this update. I don’t have lots of Naomi games, so if someone can try if everything is working as excepted… Thanks in advance 🙂 Changelog from…Continue readingGDI Explorer: update