Space issue! what logo should be removed?

I have many ideas for new bios features… Unfortunately space is the bios is a luxury. Poll coming about what I would like to remove. The bios embeds 2 Dreamcast logo: one w/ orange swirl, one w/o. How about using only the latter (2nd pic)? If I need space in the bios, what would…Continue readingSpace issue! what logo should be removed?

Next bios teaser

As promised, a preview of the new bios settings page… just need to create sub-menus and plug back items then we should be good to add new features #dreamcast #RETROGAMING   Imported from twitterContinue readingNext bios teaser

Custom Bios v1.033 WIP

New in-bios menu for custom bios settings almost done. Handling new features in next releases should be easier. Screenshots soon! #dreamcast Imported from TwitterContinue readingCustom Bios v1.033 WIP

Keyboard mapping

Dreamcast in-bios keyboard support: do you like that mapping? START –> RETURN (ENTER) A/C –> SPACE BAR B –> ESCAPE X/Y –> X, Y or TAB Imported from TwitterContinue readingKeyboard mapping