GDROM-Explorer: better late than never

Hi there, Pending the next BIOS release, I decided to update GDROM-Explorer. I received feedback some several people saying that some files were corrupted after extraction. Well that was a really silly bug, a piece of code I forgot about when I was doing some code refactoring a while ago 🙁 Thanks to tormod who…Continue readingGDROM-Explorer: better late than never

GDROM Explorer: version 1.6.2 is out (update)

In this new version, I added a feature for Deunan’s GDEMU: you can now export a GDI dump. It basically copies all the tracks to a specified location, creates a new .gdi file and renames those files so that there are compliant to the DOS 8.3 format. You may say that there are some other…Continue readingGDROM Explorer: version 1.6.2 is out (update)

GDROM Explorer v1.6: not dead yet!

After almost a year, yeah I agree, it is legit to think so… To be honest, this version comes with a lot a new stuff. I wanted to slightly transform this tool into something you would like to use. So in this new version you can get many details about the IP.BIN: list of internal…Continue readingGDROM Explorer v1.6: not dead yet!

Heads up about GD over ethernet

Hi there, As you know I’ve been trying to make a loader (using dcload-ip) that would allow you to boot games over ethernet. After unsuccessful attempts trying to make the CDDA working correctly, due to some obvious timing reasons (software isn’t as fast as the real hardware!), I have convinced myself that the hardware approach…Continue readingHeads up about GD over ethernet