GDROM Explorer: version 1.6.2 is out (update)

In this new version, I added a feature for Deunan’s GDEMU: you can now export a GDI dump. It basically copies all the tracks to a specified location, creates a new .gdi file and renames those files so that there are compliant to the DOS 8.3 format. You may say that there are some other tools that do so, so why not use them? Well, the interesting thing here is that GDROM Explorer can now patch the image for you to make your game region-free and bypass the VGA BIOS check. But remember, if the game does not support the VGA output, the only thing you get is a black screen). About the patches, since the data’s integrity matters to me, I have added some code to re-generate the error detection and error correction codes (EDC/ECC) of the modified sectors. Thus, even after applying patches, your image is still valid from the yellow book stand point. It may be useful later in case the GDEMU, or any other hardware emulation of the GDROM drive board, embeds data integrity checks. Moreover, if you use tools to extract or re-build an ISO9660 from a modified image for which some sectors do not contain valid EDC/ECC data, you may get corrupted user data. The software may process a sector validation using the EDC/ECC data and since the user data has been modified, it may reach the conclusion that the user data contains errors that need to be fixed.
For those who have read Deunan’s post regarding bad GDI dumps, this version of GDROM Explorer now checks whether the image tracks overlap and are not continuous. I do not have much time to test on my GDEMU broad but so far, if the image loads up in GDROM Explorer there is a good chance that it works on GDEMU.

GDROM Explorer 1.6.2

Download link (updated): GDROM Explorer v1.6.2

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Thank you 🙂

Hi, Ive been checking this page almost every week now for a long time, and today it made my day, its fantastic having some software that we can use to play games from a different region, I was trying to figure out how to do it manually, but now i don’t 🙂

I for one really appreciate your hard work.

But, the link is down? is there another source i can get your program from? will it be back up?

Re: Thank you 🙂

I’ve just updated the link. Sorry about that. I noticed that there were 2 bugs and since nobody had downloaded it, I decided to postpone this release and to fix what was wrong.
Anyway, thank you for your support!

hello,I found a GD cd-rom Explorer of bugs

hi,I found a GD cd-rom Explorer of bugs

ILLBLEED this game
Either Japanese or Chinese or English, extracting HB05A002. PMC this file, at the beginning of the file address 0 x80000, extraction of data is a problem (and I use gdi2data. Bat to extract the data, there is no problem) and I’ve tested in the game will crash, hope you can see, thank you for reply ~


Re: hi

I got the US version and I could successfully extract that file. Do you extract the data by doing a drag’n drop operation or do you use the context menu (right-click then extract)? Or maybe you mean that the content of the file is not correct, is that it?

JUST is the extraction ok but the file content wrong……

1. ISO_Make_pack\\HB05A002.PMC
2. GD-ROM Explorer\\HB05A002.PMC

0x80000: 6E 00
0x80001: 79 FF
0x80002: 75 FF
0x80003: 79 FF
0x80004: 7A FF
0x80005: 92 FF
0x80006: 86 FF
0x8016F: 4D 00
0x80174: 50 00
0x80175: 4F 00
0x80176: 46 00
0x80177: 30 00

206 difference is found.

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