GDROM Explorer v1.6: not dead yet!

After almost a year, yeah I agree, it is legit to think so… To be honest, this version comes with a lot a new stuff. I wanted to slightly transform this tool into something you would like to use. So in this new version you can get many details about the IP.BIN: list of internal libraries and flags used, MR images inside, track list from the TOC, etc. I tried to focus on the user experience and ease users’ wills by supporting the Drag’n Drop for extracting files. Yeah, wasn’t that simple! .Net is a nice framework but coolest UI stuff we want are mostly only available in native code… and I did not really want to make this program a compilation of hack!

  • Added: a nice IP.BIN viewer (game settings, images, libraries and a lot more).
  • Added: Primary Volume Descriptor viewer.
  • Added: MR image conversion and extraction.
  • Added: File extraction via Drag’n Drop operation.
  • Added: Status bar to show the program last event.
  • Added: Padus DiscJuggler image (.CDI) support.
  • Added: Disc track extraction.
  • Added: Settings menu for mostly the file associations.
  • Added: Auto-load NAOMI DES key.
  • Fixed: IP.BIN parsing errors.
  • Fixed: Progress bar flickering.
  • Fixed: Support data/data images.
  • Fixed: Memory leakages.
  • Fixed: Typos here and there.
  • Improved: UI colors, remove and add some icons.
  • Improved: Try reading image even if IP.BIN missing.
  • Improved: Error handling for non-compliant images.
  • Improved: Explicit error messages upon IP.BIN parsing errors.
  • Improved: Code robustness.
  • Testing: Add unit tests for IP.BIN parsing.

Anyway, here is what you are looking for (or not!): GDROM Explorer v1.6

Update: Now the version 1.6.1 is out, bug fixed!

  • Fixed: ยจNo valid file-system found” error.
  • Fixed: Some Naomi images are detected as Dreamcast images.
  • Fixed: Weird behaviour when clicking on ‘+’ and ‘-‘ in the tree.

Download link: GDROM Explorer v1.6.1

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Nice release.
But this version wont open some images with “Unable to open image: No valid file-system found” error message,
for example “Seaman” and “Vigilante 8” from TOSEC NTSC-US, 1.5.1 works fine with this images.

afaik, in naomi gdrom images, only the main binary (i.e. the largest file) is encrypted. You open the others with an hexa editor and can extract same string (not encrypted)… Maybe I am wrong, I am not really familiar with naomi stuff. let me know if you think some other files should be decrypted

the binary is encrypted as it is the game binary but the app doesnt show it as encrypted

game i noticed it in is vitrua golf the binary is under 100 mb.

Soldier of Fortune (EU) (2001) [T-17726D-50] [330-7211-30633-2]
The 1.5 version of the game can turn gdi, 1.6 version open error

New feature…

Hello, friend, amazing application! I tested with some gdi files
and it worked like a charm! I have a suggestion for you:

It would be possible to add a feature “Import {File} from…”?

Your tool can extract any file from GDI files, but an option to import files to replace the old ones would be very interesting (for translating games, for example)!

Thanks for your tool and keep with the good work!

Re: New feature…

I am currently working on a patcher for some specific files and I think it is a good starting point for doing image editing. However, importing a file which size is larger than the original one would require a lot of work (basically file relocation over the entire iso…)… If I envision such feature, it cannot be before next year though… Ping me later and do not hesitate to give me more ideas ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chihiro and Triforce Dump


Thanks for your work. Does it work with gdi exctract from Chihiro and Triforce dump (dumped with DC)?
Like Naomi, can descrypt it?



Re: Chihiro and Triforce Dump

the descrypt feature for Naomi games is implemented in GDROM Explorer but the game has to be in the GDI file format. I haven’t seen any Chihiro nor Triforce dump. If you email me link to get some, I can have a look then maybe make my explorer decrypt those dump. Thanks for your inputs ๐Ÿ™‚

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