Catching up part 3: Out of bounds Jack

As a teenager, I didn’t know much about programing. But, when playing video-games, I often tried to imagine the plumbing behind the scenes, interacting with all the elements I was seeing on the screen. At that time cheating devices were not very common or affordable either, leaving my curiosity unsatisfied… Fortunately, after several years of…Continue readingCatching up part 3: Out of bounds Jack

Catching up part 2: Fish ‘n’ FlashChip

Have you heard of Fish Life? Honestly if you end up reading this article, you have probably already read all the other websites related to the Dreamcast, from the most well known to those dead for decades, desperately seeking for any kind of content as long it doesn’t appear in your browser history…. Seems like…Continue readingCatching up part 2: Fish ‘n’ FlashChip

Catching up part 1: Claire in the dark

About 5 years ago, I released one of my 1st Dreamcast 60Hz-VGA patches: Resident Evil: Code Veronica. I have always been scared to play that kind of games, to the point that I just played the very beginning to do my testing and missed that the patch was not fixing the video output settings everywhere…Continue readingCatching up part 1: Claire in the dark

Legacy of Kain – Soul Reaver: Debug patch

Hi there, Here is just one of the many small things I want to share. I have many 90% done projects and it has become quite difficult to find time to finish them. So here is my first attempt since a long time to release something new! Some months ago I was digging in that…Continue readingLegacy of Kain – Soul Reaver: Debug patch