Let’s play with the Katana SDK

Hi everyone, I’ve been asked about how to compile a program for the Dreamcast using the official SEGA Katana SDK so I decided to clean up my “sample” Katana project and ship as is. With it you can start playing with the official SEGA libraries and try out your skills. This small project gathers some…Continue readingLet’s play with the Katana SDK

Last, but not least: new version of GDROM Explorer

Hi everyone, After a long period of inactivity on my blog, I am finally ready to release a new version of the GDROM Explorer. I spent a lot of time refactoring my code so that new file formats can be easily supported. As of today, this new version supports the .GDI, .ISO, and .BIN image…Continue readingLast, but not least: new version of GDROM Explorer

GDI Explorer v1.4 and what next

So far, I have been working on a newer version of GDI Explorer. At first, I had said that I would fix bugs related to the gdi files which contain some tabulation caracters. Little by little, I saw that many had to be fixed up, especially in the code in charge of reading the path…Continue readingGDI Explorer v1.4 and what next

Dreamcast Toolchain – first release!

Hello everybody, Recently, I wanted to update my KOS dev. environment. Having lost quite a lot of time to recompile my toolchain, I decided to find a turnkey solution. On the dcemulation.org forum, a member makes available to all its functional toolchain. Thus, I decided to fix some bugs and to create an installation script.…Continue readingDreamcast Toolchain – first release!