Let’s play with the Katana SDK

Hi everyone,

I’ve been asked about how to compile a program for the Dreamcast using the official SEGA Katana SDK so I decided to clean up my “sample” Katana project and ship as is.
With it you can start playing with the official SEGA libraries and try out your skills. This small project gathers some hacks that make the .bin or .elf file bootable through dcload-ip or dcload-serial.
I’m in a hurry so I let you experiment it by yourself 😉


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Hi, I had a quick look to your dump and for the copyright.txt file I’m pretty sure the data is correct. Obviously it is written in japanese (install japanese IME and you will be able to see the japanese hiragana/katana/kanjis)
For the audio conversion, it seems to be a bug (the encoding might be slightly different). I’ll look it over this week end (I’ve found another bug too – the ip.bin you extract is truncated, its size is only 2kb long).
Anyway, thanks for reporting that.

super thanks!

I’m an avid sega arcade enthusiast and I’ve spent the last year doing an extreme amount of research on the Naomi and Chihiro systems. This new version of your program saved me a bunch of trouble with some of my Chihiro machines (we’ve got ~30 total systems now) and I am extremely grateful. I would be more than happy to share my experiences with the hardware in-field if you ever need it. Keep on rockin’ 🙂

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