Dreamcast Toolchain – first release!

Hello everybody,

Recently, I wanted to update my KOS dev. environment. Having lost quite a lot of time to recompile my toolchain, I decided to find a turnkey solution. On the dcemulation.org forum, a member makes available to all its functional toolchain. Thus, I decided to fix some bugs and to create an installation script.

I hope it will make some’s life easier 😉

Download link: jc-dcdevenv_0.1.tar.gz

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I always get

GDI Parsing error : syntax error
Input string was not in a correct format.

When opening a GDI file, it works well under NullDC though!

Here’s the gdi file (between “):

1 0 4 2048 FILE0001.DUP 0
2 300 0 2352 FILE0002.DUP 0
3 45000 4 2048 FILE0003.DUP 0
4 196106 0 2352 FILE0004.DUP 0
5 196706 0 2352 FILE0005.DUP 0
6 197547 4 2048 FILE0006.DUP 0

Thank you,



I figured out once this error. My GDI file parser is a little bit buggy, it really needs to be updated 🙂 In fact it doesn’t support tabulation char between columns (track_number\tLBA\t and so on).

I’ll fix it soon (it’s really easy to fix it) but as I said, I don’t want to release a fixed version by now because I want to add some other features (cf. my comment above).

Anyway, thanks for reporting this issue 🙂

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