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A few months ago, I made a video of my GDRom bootloader, booting a Windows CE game from the IP screen.

As you may guess, it was the first part of my GDLan bootloader. Once you can boot retail game from your program, the only thing you have to do is redirect dreamcast’s syscalls. Perhaps it is the harddest part!

Lately, my school project and my part time job keep me really busy. At least, I’m determined to release one first version of my GDLan bootloader. After that, if I don’t have enought time to improve it, I think I will release my source code to the Dreamcast community.

Some words about the GDLan Loader’ development: at first I wanted to use the SEGA KATANA SDK but even in the latest leaked version (r11-beta), there is no way to make the BBA working with net librairies. So I decided to develop under KOS which has a functionnal BBA driver.

I’ll try my best to release some working videos of my GDLan loader soon.

SeeYa 🙂

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Si tu sors le GDLan Loader, je te fais un bisou!

Hi there,

The GDLan loader is the THING I WANT TO HAVE. I’m a coder of the Shenmue Translation Project and I’m looking for a solution to stream games over network because i fed up by wasting CD-R!!! If you can reply to my adress sizious at gmail dot com, THX A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Si tu sors le GDLan Loader, je te fais un bisou!

If you want, as soon as I’ve something working I’ll send it to you. Currently, when my loader is running, a switch it with a real game, then it asks for the main binary. The server side sends it from the GDI file and then the game boot. Ok there is nothing amazing with that, but it’s the first step.
Now, I try to put hooks on system calls in order to analyse them. Because of my poor knowledge in the sh4 processor, I take time for me to make it work as expected… Hope you get what I mean ^^

Re: Si tu sors le GDLan Loader, je te fais un bisou!

So you wanna redirect syscalls ? I think I know the man that can do that. May you send me an e-mail with the details at sizious at gmail dot com ? Thanks in advance for your great work on the DC !

I’m working a lot and hard on this system so may be we can share some information each other?


Re: Si tu sors le GDLan Loader, je te fais un bisou!

Great, thanks !
Currently, I really don’t have enougth time to work on it but by April, I’ll share with you a part of my work.
My last problem concerns the dctool/dcload packet recovery. I really came to grief over this £%µ# pb !

Re: Si tu sors le GDLan Loader, je te fais un bisou!

Hi, no time no see… Can you send me an e-mail at sizious … gmail ? thanks!

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