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What the hell is going on ? Can anyone explain to me why the CSS sheet is missing on livejournal ? I can’t publish pictures…

Anyway, I can publish this update. I don’t have lots of Naomi games, so if someone can try if everything is working as excepted…

Thanks in advance 🙂

Changelog from v1.2 to v1.3.0.1 (2010/09/07) :

  • Fixed: Less memory consumption while extracting files
  • Fixed: Clean up some parts of my code.
  • Fixed: Doesn’t count directories in session information frame.
  • Fixed: Doesn’t highlight Naomi bootfile in file list.
  • Fixed: Crash while converting CDDA if no one has been found in a session.
  • Added: Ask for a prefix while generating “sorttxt.txt” file (default “data\”).
  • Added: Can decrypt a Naomi binary (need a PIC DES key per game) from
  • an external file or from a file inside a GDI game.

And by the way, thank you Deunan for your help concerning DES decryption.

Download link: -removed- I’ve found out a bug so i’ll proceed to clean up some parts of my code. Sorry for that!

Update #1:

I had time to improve my code…

Changelog from v1.3.0.1 – beta to v1.3.1.2 (2010/09/08) :

  • Fixed: Some loading errors.
  • Fixed: Clean up GDIUtils.
  • Fixed: Create a folder “trackXX” while extracting a data track.
  • Added: Open a save dialog box while extrating a file.
  • Added: Auto-paste PIC DES key if presents in the clipboard.

Download link :

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file association fix

congrats for this awsom tool

btw, when it associates gdi files on windows registry, it adds:

toolpath/executable.exe %1

but it doesn’t work for long gdi filenames containing spaces like those from redump or tosec

i fixed it by changing to

toolpath/executable.exe “%1”

maybe it doesn’t happen to all windows versions, mine is 7 x64… maybe you would want to make this small change


Re: file association fix

Ok thank you for reporting this bug. I’ll fix it like some other things (tabulation char et 7z compressed gdi file from redump aren’t supported, etc.). Someone ask about the command line support. I’ll try to add it in the next version.


My bad man error on bios version on demul i change it and it works ok, but you need to create on this program a burn CD Correctly for the people playing a real Dreamcast please! Regards and Keep the good work man.

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