GDI Explorer: update

What the hell is going on ? Can anyone explain to me why the CSS sheet is missing on livejournal ? I can’t publish pictures… Anyway, I can publish this update. I don’t have lots of Naomi games, so if someone can try if everything is working as excepted… Thanks in advance 🙂 Changelog from…Continue readingGDI Explorer: update

GDI Explorer v1.2

Enjoy this update with CDDA support : Changelog from v1.1.3 to v1.2 (2010/07/04) : Removed: GDI2CUE Converter (not really useful ?!). Added: Columns sorting in the list view. Added: Now when extracting session 1 and 2, it extracts bootstrap (“IP.BIN”) too. Added: File loading improvements. Added: GDDA to CDDA conversion (using the tree view or…Continue readingGDI Explorer v1.2