Custom Bios v1.033 and keyboard support

In bios Keyboard support on is way. Not that trivial though! I dunno why they did not support it as sdk functions are there ready to be used Imported from TwitterContinue readingCustom Bios v1.033 and keyboard support

Release: Custom BootROM v1.032

Hi there, A couple of months ago, I thought I was ready to release my new bios. Unfortunately for me, at that time, I was really busy and my bios mod started to show weaknesses. As I don’t have the right soldering equipment, I had to work with my Dreamcast and all its little faulty…Continue readingRelease: Custom BootROM v1.032

Beta bootstrap + reset: Mission complete

I feel like some people like to claim that it is impossible when they fail to overcome problems. Fortunately, their vision has a limited influence. If I listened to all the negative comments about my projects, I would probably end up being like their authors, spreading my frustration over the Internet. Anyway, that is not…Continue readingBeta bootstrap + reset: Mission complete

The legend will never die

Hi, Our favorite console is definitely not dead and not even dying! Every year I am so surprised to see how many games, mods, prototypes, tools and accessories get released. I really like that system. I do not own any of the last generation consoles and I think it is better that way. I am…Continue readingThe legend will never die