The legend will never die


Our favorite console is definitely not dead and not even dying! Every year I am so surprised to see how many games, mods, prototypes, tools and accessories get released. I really like that system. I do not own any of the last generation consoles and I think it is better that way. I am so furstrated to see that when you buy a game for new systems, the first thing you have to do is to download a small 1 or 2 GB update, because of course the game is still in a sort of non-official “beta” version. So you basically pay video-game editors to help them debug their games… Well I prefer to live in the past, where games were made by passionate people, carrying values other than profitability.

With Christmas coming, I really wanted to release a new version of my custom BIOS but there is a lot happening in both my personal and professional life. Even if I may have differently, I am not going to release the BIOS before January. First, I have technical issues: my modded Dreamcast seems to have a loose electrical connections somewhere and I do not have an iron at my place to fix this. Second, there is something that is not working correctly with my new BIOS and this problem cannot be neglected. Finally, the release is made up of two elements: the BIOS itself and its configuration tool for the customization and I am late in the development of the latter.

Pending the next release, I have created a youtube playlist with two new videos. I hope you will like them.

Also I would like to thank the people who donated. I will probably spend that money on a new iron ^^ Thank you!!!

Merry Christmas everybody,

See you in January!

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Blue boot and SD check

Very very cool. Especially with the added options

When this is released or a future version. Could you add the choice for a blue swirl, non-dev boot? If you can’t add the choice on console, could you have a few different editions for each boot color + dev/non-dev? Another cool feature would be checking for an SD card and dreamshell and booting dreamshell if present

Again cool stuff

RE: Blue boot and SD check

Completely agree about the Dreamshell feature! If possible, it would be awesome to have “Boot Dreamshell” icon on in the menu.

So to make it clear, because of space constrains, I cannot embed both the retail and the devkit boot animation. Regarding the customization of the boot swirl color, the next version will enable you choose a color among a short list (blue, orange and black). Future versions will offer more choice though 🙂

I have been thinking about booting Dreamshell and having a new icon in the UI but my focus for this release was on customization and custom settings. However I agree with you that this feature would be great. I keep this in my mind. Thank you

USB GDROM issue with v1.031


First of all, I want to say thanks for the excellent work on these bios releases…..well done

Perhaps this has been mentioned somewhere before I am just having a strange issue, but I have been unable to get either USB GDROM v4 or v5 to work with this bios. It works fine on v1.030 but as soon as I update to v1.031 it just stops working and I cannot access the menu. The menu either sticks on “please wait” or loads up some random symbols.

I would be interested to hear from any other USB GDROM owners?

Anyway, have a great Christmas and new year all!


RE: USB GDROM issue with v1.031

I am having the same issue with the USB GDROM controller (I have v5). I just tried contacting MNEMO about it. If I hear anything back I’ll let you know.

RE: USB GDROM issue with v1.031

MNEMO doesn’t have a way of testing compatibility with the Japanese Cake BIOS so there is no fix.

To work around this issue I boot the Dreamcast using the stock BIOS. After I am in the USB GDROM menu I then flip a switch to the Japanese Cake BIOS. Obviously, this will only work if you have a dual BIOS setup and can switch between the stock and Japanese Cake BIOS. It’s annoying to have to flip the switch but it works.

As I don’t own a usb gd board my self, I cannot test this. However, since it’s working properly with a gdrom drive and gd-emu, I presume the issue you reported is on usb gd board side. I think Mnemo could fix this (maybe its firmware expect the drive command I skip in the custom bios)

Thank you! The next version is “feature complete”. I am just facing a little issue on the real hardware and as I am busy right now and not even staying at my place I cannot finish my work. It’s a bit frustrating in the sense that the next release is 99% ready and I cannot ship it without this last missing percent :/ The wait should be over soon though.

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