Blood censor activated!

Hello everyone,

Quick update regarding the next custom bios. I have been working a lot on this version (v1.032) but unfortunately, the most important changes will be barely noticeable for most players. At least, starting from the next version, it is going to be easier for me to make progress and offer what people have always been waiting for. Aside from the next version, I have also worked a bit on the customization: changing the swirl and background color is definitely possible. I don’t know whether I can release that now though.

I would also like to emphasize that I have spent quite a huge number of hours on this project and even if I am a big Dreamcast fan, I still am a human that needs motivation/support. I contribute to some other projects or platforms, money or time wise, so I would really appreciate if you could the same, as a compensation for my work. By doing so, whatever the amount of money you give, you then join the others ide of the scene, where you can legitimately claim that cool stuff happens not only thanks to me but also thanks to you 😉

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Force 240p mode in Dreamcast games

Hi! I’m Linkr2. Someone put me in contact with you! Your work is awesome! : O

Well, I’m trying to get some way to patch a Dreamcast game in order to make ir work in 240p (so it seems you are making just the inverse process haha). For example, for games as GAROU, which run at 480i, when they are meant to work in low resolution. I’m looking for info, hex codes, an all I can gather.

My knowledge is very very low, and you seems to be an expert!

I opened a thread in assemblergames:¿force-240p-mode-on-dreamcast-games.59058/

And I’m posting in other forums in order to get some information. Do you think it is possible? You know which parameters (hex code) are the ones that manage the 240p output of a game?

Any information or help will be absolutely welcome, thanks in advance : )

Alternate 3D Menu on Newer BIOS?

I’m not sure if you looked into this or not but I was thinking maybe you can somehow add the alternate 3D menu from the Puyo Puyo Fever save file to your BIOS someday.
Some think the save file just too small in size and assume this alternate menu was actually hidden in the Dreamcast BIOS itself and save simply tells the Dreamcast to activate it.

Maybe this is something you may like to look into. I think the save file just sends new code into ram & uses the icons & data from the BIOS.

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