Blood censor activated!

Hello everyone, Quick update regarding the next custom bios. I have been working a lot on this version (v1.032) but unfortunately, the most important changes will be barely noticeable for most players. At least, starting from the next version, it is going to be easier for me to make progress and offer what people have…Continue readingBlood censor activated!

Custom BIOS goes to version 1.031!

Hi there, I have been working quite a long time on that version. And not necessarily on the features that may sound hard. Changing from white to black the fade-in color when booting a GD-ROM took me a couple of hours. I was looking for something that does not exist in the code so that…Continue readingCustom BIOS goes to version 1.031!

Next Dreamcast custom BIOS: W.I.P

Vacantions are almost over so it is time for me to get back to work. So many things to do! A new version a GDRom Explorer should be released soon and as some people ask me for that feature, yes it will support a new format for Naomi users. That version will also fix a…Continue readingNext Dreamcast custom BIOS: W.I.P

DC custom BIOS with devkit intro

First of all, thanks to Link83 who made that possible by releasing his regionfree+devkit intro BIOS a while ago. So today, you know what I am talking about, I release my custom bootROM, with the same features as the one released previously, except that that one has the devkit intro. And of course, it works…Continue readingDC custom BIOS with devkit intro