DC custom BIOS with devkit intro

First of all, thanks to Link83 who made that possible by releasing his regionfree+devkit intro BIOS a while ago. So today, you know what I am talking about, I release my custom bootROM, with the same features as the one released previously, except that that one has the devkit intro. And of course, it works…Continue readingDC custom BIOS with devkit intro

DC custom BIOS

Hi there, There is something I wanted to share before going any further in the bootROM/BIOS hacking for the Dreamcast. It is a modified BIOS base on the version 1.01d of the retail one.Copy/paste of the readme: Region free: boot GD/CD from any regions. The J/U/E flags as well as the area protection slots that…Continue readingDC custom BIOS