Next Dreamcast custom BIOS: W.I.P

Vacantions are almost over so it is time for me to get back to work. So many things to do!

A new version a GDRom Explorer should be released soon and as some people ask me for that feature, yes it will support a new format for Naomi users. That version will also fix a bug some users reported (thanks!) when extracting data. Basically, files with a specific size get corrupted after extraction. My program is unit tested but somehow I missed something. So I promise, the next version is going to be the right one 😉 Regarding the version number, you will notice some changes. I should have used 1.7 instead of 1.6.2 for my last release. Thus I will jump directly to version 1.8 to stay consistent with my versionning policy.

Before my summer vacations, I published pictures of the next custom BIOS. It should have been able to display the disc name on the main screen but since I am facing issues I can’t investigate right now, I’ve decided to postpone that feature. However, the next version will do the following:

  • skip the SEGA license screen (ready)
  • bypass the VMU file copy protection (ready)
  • allow MIL-CD/backup to boot directly without system reset (still working on that though)
  • maybe something else, don’t know yet.

Enjoy a first teaser of the next custom BIOS!

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