Skies of Arcadia EURO – 60Hz/VGA Patch

Here is a patch for the european version of Skies of Arcadia. This patch makes the game run in 60Hz, as oppose to the original euro version that is stuck to 50Hz. Moreover, the patch adds the VGA support to the game. I’ve only tested the VGA mode on real hardware, so if someone could…Continue readingSkies of Arcadia EURO – 60Hz/VGA Patch

Small update for GDI Explorer/GDI2CUE… And let’s talk about dc-reset-call

Someone has reminded me that with GDI Explorer it wasn’t possible to extract boot file. So I’ve added this feature. Below, you can download a newer version. Readme: v1.1 fixed to v1.1.2 (2010/03/11) : Added: IP.BIN & IP0000.BIN extraction Added: Messagebox after extracting boot file or sorttxt.txt file. Added: newer version of GDI2CUE Converter (v1.3.0.1)…Continue readingSmall update for GDI Explorer/GDI2CUE… And let’s talk about dc-reset-call

Some news about my work…

With the view of creating the gd-lan boot loader, I was looking for a program that can extract disc sector. After doing some researches, I decided to make my own extractor. Below, you can see a preview of my gdi explorer. It works well but needs data extracting process improvements. Next, I wrote the skeleton…Continue readingSome news about my work…

1st post

Hello dreamcast nerd, I try to have time to spare but because of my exams it’s really difficult. Anyway, for my 1st post, I want to give a glimpse of my dreamcast works. I’m working on a package helping you to develop your own dc app using the official sega sdk. It will make easier…Continue reading1st post