Skies of Arcadia EURO – 60Hz/VGA Patch

Here is a patch for the european version of Skies of Arcadia. This patch makes the game run in 60Hz, as oppose to the original euro version that is stuck to 50Hz. Moreover, the patch adds the VGA support to the game. I’ve only tested the VGA mode on real hardware, so if someone could…Continue readingSkies of Arcadia EURO – 60Hz/VGA Patch

All DC games can do it!

After spending hours or even days disassembling and reading the Dreamcast BIOS, I could point out some entry points and modify small parts of it. First of all, special thanks to those guys that made the emulation possible. Without them, my work would have been nearly impossible! Anyway, my only hard drive that had a…Continue readingAll DC games can do it!