Skies of Arcadia EURO – 60Hz/VGA Patch

Here is a patch for the european version of Skies of Arcadia. This patch makes the game run in 60Hz, as oppose to the original euro version that is stuck to 50Hz. Moreover, the patch adds the VGA support to the game. I’ve only tested the VGA mode on real hardware, so if someone could test it on a TV, using, I don’t know, a SCART cable, that would be great.
In the archive, you will find a ppf file that must be applied to the 1ST_READ.BIN file that you get from a TOSEC GDI dump. If you don”t know how to use patch files, no worries, I’ve also included the patched version of the 1ST_READ.BIN. Skies of Arcadia uses 2 discs but the 1ST_READ.BIN is strictly the same on both. Now you just have to rebuild the game image and try it out. For those that were waiting for a ready-to-use solution, since there are at least two releases (TOSEC GDI dump and Echelon) and 2 discs per release, it is simpler for me to provide a patch just for the main binary and not for an disc image. I’m pretty sure some people will do some hex-compare, patch, re-built and eventually release a CDI image or even a patched GD dump so that you just have to burn it or copy it on your gdemu/usb-gdrom board.

Download: (New version – same thing but I cleaned one little thing up 🙂

More to come soon.

Update: works fine on my TV in 60hz using the scart cable so I guess we can say that patch is working correctly 🙂

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vga mode

Magnifique ce que tu fais !
comme je touche vraiment pas en patch et cie je voulais savoir s’il faut obligatoirement ton bios modifié ou si patcher un .cdi pal de SOA serait possible ?

Merci d’avance et super boulot ! ^^

RE: vga mode

Merci !
Non, tu n’as pas besoin d’un bios modifié pour ça, tout est dans le patch que tu appliques au fichier 1ST_READ.BIN du jeu. Ainsi le jeu suffit à lui même 🙂
Malheureusement, la seule version de ce jeux qui passe sur un cdr est celle d’Echelon et le fichier 1ST_READ.BIN est différent et donc le patch ne s’appliquera pas :/ Il faudrait que je fasse un patch pour la version d’Echelon… Je me pencherai sur ça un peu plus tard pour que tout le monde puisse en profiter simplement.

RE: vga mode

Salut. Y aurait-il des iso français et directement patchés en 60 HTZ à graver ? Parce que je suis une bille. Merci d’avance.

RE: vga mode

Re !

Du coup, tu as fini par mettre cette version directement patchée quelque part ? En tout cas, bravo pour tout ce que tu as fait.

spread game patch please

Someone who have succeed to patch could put the game in firedrop (it’s free) ?
I tried a lot of times but I’ve failed to patch with 1st_read.bin already patch and when I patched by my self with the ppf…

Skies of Arcadia

Hi everyone,
The patch isn’t working properly for me. I have test it with the pre-patched GDI files from “shared folder”, and did also patch my own gdi dump manually and rebuild it.
However if I cop it to my hdd and start it with usb gdrom, it will still be using 480i instead of 480p.
Does anyone can help me to get PAL version with 60hz and VGA (480p).
If I run the USA version the resolution is at 480p.
By the way my Dreamcast is connected via toro vga box using scart on OSSC.

Hi japanese cake, I’ve patched Skies of Arcadia, it does indeed now run at 60 hz, so 30 fs instead of 25, but it still says It is not compatible with VGA, any idea?

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