Some news about my work…

With the view of creating the gd-lan boot loader, I was looking for a program that can extract disc sector. After doing some researches, I decided to make my own extractor. Below, you can see a preview of my gdi explorer. It works well but needs data extracting process improvements.

Next, I wrote the skeleton of the gd lan loader: on pc side, there are a server app and server configuration app.

On Dreamcast side, I successfully managed to redirect gdrom syscalls and the server could receive gdrom commands. Perhaps, my exception handler breeds some problems. Now, I’ve to merge my GDI Explorer and my socket server. I hope debugging the gd-lan client will not be too difficult !


GDI2CUE v1.2: some bugs fixed and now checks if some tracks are missing or not. By the way, can someone tell me what the last “0” of a row in a gdi file is used for ? Thanks

Now I now what the last “0” of a row in a gdi file is used fo: it is the track pregap… maybe next revision of my GDI2CUE converter will be included into my gdi explorer…

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Excited about your work

I must say, this is the most excited I’ve been about the DC scene in several years. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing your progress. -AC

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