Dreamcast Lan Bootloader

I’m working on a lan loader that will enable you to play dreamcast game (gdi) on dreamcast from your pc. I wish to publish a first version before march. Just wait and you’ll see 🙂
For the moment, a BBA is required. The pc server program is coded in C# but I think it can be easy rewritten in C++ for those who are using a linux distribution.

In the future, it may be possible to play normal backup cdi file (audio/data or data/data).

See you soon

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Good chance it won\’t be 100% possible

If you check out the dcload/dctool sources something similar is already implemented. The hardest part is going to be replacing the syscalls for the CDDA/GDDA as even the lower level SPI commands are just ‘play track’. It might not even be possible.

If you need help or are looking to discuss your work with others, I’d suggest posting on DCEmulation.org or coming into the dreamcastdev irc channel on freenode. I’ve seen your posts on DCEmu.co.uk but that site is pretty much dead for developers.

Good luck, and hope to see your around.

Re: Good chance it won\’t be 100% possible

Hello quzardc,

for the moment I’ve looked into those problems. As you said, the hardest part is probably the gdda syscall. I’ll really start working on it in about 1 week and then I think I’ll ask for help on dcemulation.org 🙂 Thanks for the link!

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