Small update for GDI Explorer/GDI2CUE… And let’s talk about dc-reset-call

Someone has reminded me that with GDI Explorer it wasn’t possible to extract boot file. So I’ve added this feature. Below, you can download a newer version.


v1.1 fixed to v1.1.2 (2010/03/11) :

  • Added: IP.BIN & IP0000.BIN extraction
  • Added: Messagebox after extracting boot file or sorttxt.txt file.
  • Added: newer version of GDI2CUE Converter (v1.3.0.1)

Note: I’ve included a newer version of gdi2cue converter (nothing amazing however)

Download link : here !

By the way, I’ve promised you to talk a little more about dreamcast “soft-reset” in order to boot retail games from you own program. Here is an extract of it :

    stc    sr,r0
    mov.l    dc_sr_data,r1
    and    r1,r0
    ldc    r0,sr        ! 0xdfffffff mask
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r0
    lds    r0,mach
    mov.l    dc_other_data,r0    ! 0x28 ?? why sould we put this value ??
    lds    r0,macl
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r0
    lds    r0,pr
    mov.l    dc_vbr_data,r0    ! 0x8c00f400 exception handler
    ldc    r0,vbr
    mov.l    dc_gbr_data,r0    ! 0x8c000000 base address
    ldc    r0,gbr
    mov.l    dc_spc_data,r0    ! 0xac010000 exec address
    ldc    r0,spc
    mov.l    dc_ssr_data,r0    ! 0x700000f0
    ldc    r0,ssr
    mov.l    gdGdcReset,r0    ! 0x8c0100a0 = gdGdcReset vector ? maybe :)
    mov.l    dc_sct_data,r1    ! 0x800    = 2048 sector mode
    mov.l    dc_sct_data,r2
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r3
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r4
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r5
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r6
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r7
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r8
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r9
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r10
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r11
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r12
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r13
    mov.l    dc_zero_data,r14
    mov.l    dc_vbr_data,r15    ! 0x8c00f400 copy of exception handler vector

Download reset_call ! Prior to calling reset_call(), and so executing an other program without reseting the system, you have to load the binary file in memory… just try it 🙂

So by now (I mean after my exams) I’ll focus on my gdlan boot loader…

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2 bug here

In fact,i just tested the software and i find 2 bug here.
the first is that another 】excrescently existed in section 1,and a 【 existed in section 2.

Re: 2 bug here

I’m sorry but I don’t really understand bugs you’re pointing out. Can you be a little more explicit (with a screenshot) ?


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