Dear Capcom, I think I’ve finished your work! What? No money?

If you don’t care about the details, just scroll down, you will find the links you are looking for. To summarize my work, I decided to create this time some gif-like images, I find it more entertaining. I hope it will help understanding the different steps I have been through. I only kept the most…Continue readingDear Capcom, I think I’ve finished your work! What? No money?

Denver is not the last one!

As promised, with a little delay, I am glad to release Dino Crisis with VGA support. Capcom, who developed the game, were probably in the rush when they decided to release the game. The VGA support was nearly done! What a shame and a waste of time (at least for me). I don’t think it…Continue readingDenver is not the last one!

Forced vacation!

In ideal world, or simply in the world we were living in until a couple of years ago, goods were still made to last. How many of you are still using their old consoles or computers? Today’s consumption model has been forcing us to renew our electronic appliances, phones, computers with no warranty that the…Continue readingForced vacation!

GDIs to share

I have been hesitating a long time whether I should release this or not. But, after all, I don’t see much differences between releasing part of a game or the entire game image. So here we have a shared folder that contains patched GDI images I made. At the moment, I only have games to…Continue readingGDIs to share