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In ideal world, or simply in the world we were living in until a couple of years ago, goods were still made to last. How many of you are still using their old consoles or computers? Today’s consumption model has been forcing us to renew our electronic appliances, phones, computers with no warranty that the new models we buy are as efficient as the ones we throw away. Once again, I have my laptop playing with my nerves and I have no other choice than sending it back to aftersale services. Hopefully here in Europe, any computer hardware brands have to provide a two years warranty to their consumers, even if you have not spent a dime on an extended warranty like Apple Care or whatever.

All of this to say that I postpone the Dino Crisis release by at least a week. But no worries, it’s almost ready. I have also read that my RE:CV patches are just partialy working. As I said, I don’t play those games so this is probably why I did not notice that the game was switching back to 50hz while/after playing FMVs. Now that I have enough experience in patching Capcom games (thank you Dino Crisis :), I see what is left to be done. Anyway, I will fix this and also provide some support to have the RE:CV X patched as well.

I will also release a CDI version of SoA, based on Echelon release. I still don’t know if I will keep the trainer though. Let me know whether you want it or not 😉


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I can’t to do a soa.cdi with your amazing gdi patch… It’s why you want to purpose a .cdi with echelon method ? I have learned the echelon version is very downsample. But of course I want it. If I have a .cdi complete I’m ready to try to do a split version like for D2 or alone in the dark we can find on the isozone. There are maybe now some soa.cdi released better. But as I said I want it if you have 🙂

I hope everything will be ok with your laptop. For now waiting for dino crisis patch and thank you very much for your help with recvx project.

RE: Re: Forced vacation

Echelon’s 1ST_READ.BIN is obfuscated and redirects the gdsyscalls to an on-the-fly decompressor. This is why you cannot simply patch their binary. The layer of obfuscation is easy to remove but the trainer does not support VGA output, sadly. I can release a VGA patched echelon version (w/o the trainer would be easier), this should not take me much time but as people reported Yzb’s version (based on the US release) is way more efficient, I don’t really see the point of releasing it anymore.

And yeah my laptop is fine now 😉 thanks!


If you do a soa release base it on nzbs version. Same kinda on the fly decompression, but faster and more effective!

RE: FamilyGuy

the Yzb’s version is very good but I believe is in english and already patched…
But if this version is translatable, it’s a better version than echelon.

RE: FamilyGuy

So as the VGA patch is quite small compare to Yzb’s work, I think it would be way easier if Yzb releases the pal-euro version with his on-the-fly decompressor and integrates my small patch. If he is not going to release a pal-euro version I would simple release the echelon version (can’t really waste time on re Yzb work when the dev is out there and can do the work him-self 😉 Would it be possible to reach out to him to ask him whether he can do as mentioned above?

RE: FamilyGuy

Yeah don’t waste time. An echelon patch version will be an awesome release for playing with a real dreamcast.

I try to put your patched in the yzb version, the format of this game is particular. The amazing tools of family guy don’t work for buiding cdi of this game and I have see on the internet I ‘am not the only one who can’t do this…

I think it was a way for sega for fighting hackers 🙂

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