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I have been hesitating a long time whether I should release this or not. But, after all, I don’t see much differences between releasing part of a game or the entire game image. So here we have a shared folder that contains patched GDI images I made. At the moment, I only have games to which I’ve added the VGA support. Basically the boot file has been replaced by the patched one and the boot sector’s (IP.BIN) VGA flag has been set so that the game can boot with the VGA cable plugged in. Regarding the tracks format, I kept the original raw/binary (mode1, 2352 bytes/sector) file format but as I modified part of it, I fixed the ecd and ecc vectors so that any software sees the image as legit.

Among the games there are in the folder, there is a one I haven’t released anything about so far: it’s “MTV Sports – Skaeboarding Featuring Andy Macdonald v1.002 (2000)(THQ)(PAL)[!]”. You can also find its patch in my patch repo: jc-dc-patches.

I don’t know for how long I will keep the sharing open, so I encourage you to make copies.


Go to: jc-dc-gdi repository

Note: The version of SoA is in the GDI format so unless you split the game in three of four discs or use compression technics (like for instance echelon’s release) you won’t be able to burn a copy. However, I have a patch for Echelon’s release. Once I am done with Dino Crisis I will certainly release it.

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I have seen you are very famous by dreamcast fans ^^ totally legit for me.

You have a lot of demand and not enough time if I understand well. But Take your time, we’ll wait πŸ™‚
Thanks for your amazing work.

skies of arcadia.cdi

I did .cdi for some games you share but it doesn’t works for skies of arcadia.
I try with daemon tool and discjuggler and bootmake. But nulldc crashed also it’s ok with your .gdi patched.
Could you tip me how to do ?

RE: skies of arcadia.cdi

Your gdi version is perfect for the both GDs.
The crash is when I used a .cdi version from your gdi. i don’t understand why ?
It works perfectly with your others patched games.

The crash is in the sega boot screen after the dreamcast screen…

RECV vga patch

Someone has tested the RECV vga patched on a real dreamcast ?
In NullDC emulator the videos run is 50Hz than 60Hz for the rest of the game… I’m afraid the videos have the same problem like dino crisis in VGA mode for a real dreamcast…

Truemaster has done a RECVX version from RECV VGA patched and RECVX_complete release only in japan. There are some problem with 1st_read.bin file with the subtitles and special effect of Wesker’s eyes for example but the game is really playable.
Maybe japanese_cake could do something later.

But for now, like others fans, I’m waiting for the patch for Dino crisis in VGA.

Thanks again for your amazing work.

RE: RECV vga patch

As I said, I don’t play games like RE so I have not done a lot of testing. Thank you for reporting this problem! If you have a VMU save I can use to replicate the problem that would help a lot.

I will look at it later (I’m sure it’s the same problem as the one I faced with Dino Crisis; thanks capcom!). Regarding RECVX, I can give you a hand on it, give a week or two though, I am busy right now.

RE: RECV vga patch

I will try to do a .cdi for my dreamcast this week end.
it’s just a fear maybe nothing will happened. I tell you.

Thanks for answer and take your time as I said. We all have a lot of things to do. We waiting for RECVX as we must, no problem about that πŸ™‚

WWF, snow surfer, MTV vga patched

I have done some .cdi from your .gdi version, in order to burn them for a real dreamcast.
I share them via the iso zone, I can delete them if you are not agree.

I have put a link to your fantastic journal in order to share the gdi files but it was deleted by a isozone’s administrator…

Echelon’s 1ST_READ.BIN is hacked to redirect gdsyscall to echelon’s routines that uncompress data read off the disc. Plus, the binary contains a trainer and has a layer of obfuscation. So no you cannot swap the original (even patched) binary with echelon’s. This is the reason why echelon’s release needs to be patched.

I have DCCM rip of MTV Sports , maybe I can apply the 1ST_READ.BIN , but once extracted all contents I don’t know how to re-combine the two tracks for .cdi again ={

Perhaps fafadou may do it

I can recombine them no problem. It’s just your file, I don’t know the format as I said to you.
Familyguy has done good tools here in assembler games forum :
the link is in is signature the name is selfboot datapack, I can’t left you the link, the message go to spam…
or download the bootmake for dreamcast.

Now the mtv.cdi is very good.Please look in the iso zone me or mistamontiel will put the iso soon.

Time to wait for dino crisis patch. Good luck japanese cake and thanks again πŸ™‚

Parfait,merci beaucoup !!!

C’est gΓ©nial ce que tu fais,je ne sais pas comment tu fais ^^ car j’aimerai le faire pour :
– Bangai-o
– Iron Aces

Si jamais t’as une piste,ou tu envisages de le faire Γ§a serait super πŸ™‚

Merci encore!

Code Veronica

Hey Japanese_Cake,

I just thought I’d mention that the version of your Code Veronica VGA patch in this archive is the one that crashes at the trap room where the Gold Lugers are found. I haven’t had a chance to try applying your fixed patch but I thought it worth pointing out in case people want to download all your fixes at once and get the older version.


RE: Re: Code Veronica

No prob, I know how time consuming testing can be. Thanks so much for your hard work making these patches!

I applied your new patch to CV not long after I posted and I was able to finish the game without any crashes or problems. I didn’t test any of the other modes but the main story game was solid from start to finish on both discs.

RE: Re: Code Veronica

Thanks for your feedback!

What version where you using? PAL-UK? (Just want to know whether the version you played has subtitles)

I presume you got the patch from my mediafire folder, right? ( The patches there are the second version (I deleted the first one a while ago after releasing the 2nd version that was supposed to fix the “golden gun room” problem, iirc). I am not 100% sure but I think the GDI images (in my mega folder) use the second version of the patch… Would it be possible for you to give it a try with the GDIs (at least one)? I just want to know whether the gdis are correctly patched. Thanks!

Excuse me would somebody be so kind to tell me how to convert gdi to cdi in order to burn it to play in my real Dreamcast.

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