Dear Capcom, I think I’ve finished your work! What? No money?

If you don’t care about the details, just scroll down, you will find the links you are looking for.

To summarize my work, I decided to create this time some gif-like images, I find it more entertaining. I hope it will help understanding the different steps I have been through. I only kept the most relevant ones, mostly because I do not remember all the stages.

Whereas in some games modifying few bytes is enough to enable VGA output, here it was a different story.

Not to mention that the game has been released in 5 versions just for the EURO region, the structure of the code gave me a hard time. Sometimes my patch was working correctly in the emulator but not on the real hardware. I also tried to fix delay with the subtitles when it was only due to emulation/computing power limitations. The last epic patching issue is even worse. Because I was tired of seeing the game splash screens again and again, I hacked to game so that I reach directly the main screen. But it was a dirty hack, so dirty that it was messing with a specific part of the game: the ending splash screens. As all the rest was working flawlessly, I though that I first had to patch it, like I did with the credits screen. I don’t know how many hours I wasted before I realized that those ending splash screen were just fine the way they were!

So ok, fixing the FMVs was kind of easy. But the subtitles… Arrrgh, I hate them! I remember that after reading the code that generate them, I clearly saw how I could fix them. Every attempt was a step forward. I was getting close to have them displayed correctly (see below).

Every time I was understanding more about the way the subtitles are generated, I though I was on the right track. Only the “little” glitches you can see below were left to be fixed.

Unfortunately, no matter what I was changing in the code, I did not see any improvement. It’s often difficult to accept that you took the wrong path. After spending so much time in my “super-mega-subtitle-upscaler” hack, I decided to throw it away, take a step back and see if I could fix the subtitles differently. Then I found what I was looking for: the code that sticks the texture on the surface.

You can notice that the rendering on CRT and VGA displays is not 100% the same but as far as I have tested it, it is either not noticable or slightly better (the text looks more centered). Anyway, I folded my last card to fix the subtitles and I believe the outcome is more than acceptable.

I am glad to see this game working well over VGA and thank to it I have learned new things. I am confident that now I can fix my previous patches for RE:CV and maybe other games like Psychic Force 2012 or MakenX.


Downloads (and please mirror):

Kudos to bomb78 who helped me out with the testing and to Assembler Games which fellow members (–I don’t know yet whether they would like to be mentioned here–) helped me gathering all the GDI dumps for this game (specially the German and the Spanish ones). Thank you all!

Note to Capcom (who will never read this): You stopped the VGA support half-way and did not even support the analog stick! You little lazy boy!

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thanks! i have the original game but i couldnt rip him, now im going to download spanish version and try it with your fix, i would need help, to convert to .cdi format to play on a normal dreamcast!!

RE: just amazing

Sorry I won’t release a cdi image.
You have to do it yourself (all the information needed is online on other websites) or ask other people to do it for you… but you are lucky, it seems that two generous guys, fafdou and mistamontiel, are doing it!

RE: just amazing

I hope, I’ll can share the .cdi of the english version soon. the french and spanish come just after.
For now, the game is just a little too huge for create a burnable .cdi. I’m triing to do it without downsample anithing using the amazing tools of family guy.
For now the voices doesn’t work…

RE: just amazing

thanks for the great info and your work guys, so you are trying to have a great release like DCP, with vga patch.

RE: just amazing

Here the english .cdi file tested by mistamontiel thanks to him :

the link is delete by the live journal… go to assembler games forum or contact me in private…

In fact it’s not exactly the same I had a dummy for have a 79min59size so perfect for burning 🙂
I’m not sûre about the endings and I have no saving game. I hope everything is ok.

I do the same for french and spanish. I’ll share them in the isozone when I’ll be sure about the endings.

Stay tuned and many thanks again for japanese cake !

RE: just amazing

French and spanish .cdi are ready.

Send me a private message or go to assembler games forum.

I share the files via theisozone soon.

Super !!!

Merci t’es trop fort!! 🙂

As-tu une idée de ton futur jeu a mettre en VGA?

Sinon j’en ai 3 qui me j’aimerai bien avoir en VGA ^^ lol

Deadly Skies (AirForce Delta)
Iron Aces

Merci encore,beau boulot !! 🙂

Re: Super !!!

Merci du compliment ! Oui effectivement il y a des chances pour que je travaille sur AirForce Delta. Mais avant je vais refaire mes patches pour RE:CV qui ne sont pas correct (problème de sync dans les FMVs avec les sous-titres et aussi quand l’on rentre dans certaines pièces le signal video change de nouveau pour se remettre en pal ou ntsc, je ne sais plus.

RE: Re: Super !!!

Many thanks to you for your work. It is surprising that this wonderful console someone so passionate about so far. By the way, I am also very interested in the patch for the Airforce Delta.
Best regards from Russia ;D

GDI Optimized


So in GDI with Dreamshell there is LAG,but in GDI Optimized,it’s perfect! 🙂


Edit : I am French too,but maybe you prefer I speak English? What you want!

RE: GDI Optimized

yeah we all wait for the recvx. looks like is not an easy task. but wait is not an issue. we are grew men with jobs and life after all. anyway is the method with the renamed file help at all?? best regards truemaster1

How can I patch?

How can I patch the game? Any tutorials available? Thank you very much, you have done an extraordinary job!

RE: How can I patch?

I think you asked this in several places of my blog so I’m only going to response here.
You have 3 options:
– If you play using GDI files, you can patch the GDI yourself.
– If you play using GDI files and you don’t want to patch the game yourself, you can download an already patched version from my mega shared folder:!g0QWlJgI!qfUWBc8sNoubMZ1CeBV0vg
– If you play using CDI files (basically because you play on real hardware and don’t have a GDEMU or USBGDROM board), some people (fafadou, mistamontiel) made ready-to-burn CDI version. For the links, you should check on


RE: How can I patch?

Hi and thank you by great work, i download RE CV(español) from you shared folder(mega) but this a bug in the room get lugers i could not apply last patch, please upload fix Patched version. Thank you.

6 Games Without VGA

I have 6 games with NO VGA

If you want to take a game in my list,with pleasure ^^ 🙂

docs . google . com/spreadsheets/d/1i4zpnJkf5mlEeypdcN-ve9Fm7euKOH7Lwerzq9_LdP8/edit#gid=1719450497

I can’t add directy the url,so just remake this URL 🙂

RE: 6 Games Without VGA

Hoooo good!! Thank you I go to download 🙂 I hope it works with dreamshell too 😛

Edit: Perfect in VGA on Dreamshell RC4 🙂

I update my list !

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for your work!

Could you check someday L.O.L. (Lack of love)? It’s a weird japanese RPG without VGA support 🙁


Bonjour JC! Je sais que j’arrive un peu tard, et un peu comme un cheveu sur la soupe, mais j’aimerais te soumettre une idée de traduction de jeu (tu l’auras deviné, ce genre de travail dépasse mes compétences) : Samba de Amigo 2000.

En pratique, ce jeu est sorti uniquement au Japon, et les menus n’ont pas de version “internationale” anglais; un peu compliqué pour naviguer dedans sans guide ! De plus, Samba 2000 comporte quasiment l’intégralité de ce que Samba de Amigo original comportait – toutes les chansons sont là, et je crois que c’est aussi le cas pour les DLC et les extras comme les mini-jeux – ce qui en fait la version définitive de ce titre. Et on peut encore trouver des maracas non officielles à prix assez raisonnable pour y jouer, chez Play Asia de mémoire.

Un problème potentiel est que les menus sont graphiques, une substitution directe de texte n’est a priori pas faisable. Cependant énormément d’éléments de Samba de Amigo ont été ré-utilisés pour sortir la version 2000, il est probablement jouable d’extraire les données déjà traduites dans la version précédente du jeu pour les réinjecter ensuite.

Petite note, les chansons DLC sont toutes disponibles via les sauvegardes du vmu backup cd de El Bucanero. En pratique il ne s’agit que de multiples clés (2 blocs chacune) qui se téléchargeaient en ligne et débloquaient du contenu déjà présent sur le disque.

Merci ! 🙂

Il faudrait “juste” importer les images de samba de amigo “classique” ou modifier les images de samba 2000 et les réinjecter ?

Search Dino crisis vga patch (EN, FR, ES) fmv working


Your work is great. I search Dino crisis vga patch ( FR ) with your patch VGA with fmv and subtittles working to iso.cdi . You have got . GDI but don’t know how make to .cdi.

Please can you help me. I’ve a real dreamcast wtih VGA box.

Best regards

I search also Soulfighter vga working . I’ve the original game.

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