New version for GDIExplorer

Enjoy this new version with a explorer-like interface : ** removed (download the newer version) ** Knownbugs: My extracting progressbar doesn’t print out the right job progress. I’ll fix it soon Btw, if someone can try it and do some test, I’ll appreciate it 🙂 UPDATE: v1.1 I had time to fix my program. You…Continue readingNew version for GDIExplorer

GDI Explorer beta (for Dreamcast & Naomi dump)

Before the weekend, I wanted to finish my first version of the “GDI Explorer”. Now, you can open a gdi file and browse your favorite dumped game isos (track03.bin …). Please be careful, this is a beta version. I’ll improve exception handling and add some features later (such as creating sort-file, extracting all files, etc.)…Continue readingGDI Explorer beta (for Dreamcast & Naomi dump)

Some news about my work…

With the view of creating the gd-lan boot loader, I was looking for a program that can extract disc sector. After doing some researches, I decided to make my own extractor. Below, you can see a preview of my gdi explorer. It works well but needs data extracting process improvements. Next, I wrote the skeleton…Continue readingSome news about my work…

Dreamcast Lan Bootloader

I’m working on a lan loader that will enable you to play dreamcast game (gdi) on dreamcast from your pc. I wish to publish a first version before march. Just wait and you’ll see 🙂 For the moment, a BBA is required. The pc server program is coded in C# but I think it can…Continue readingDreamcast Lan Bootloader