New version for GDIExplorer

Enjoy this new version with a explorer-like interface :

** removed (download the newer version) **


My extracting progressbar doesn’t print out the right job progress. I’ll fix it soon

Btw, if someone can try it and do some test, I’ll appreciate it 🙂

UPDATE: v1.1

I had time to fix my program. You can now download it here: GDI Explorer v1.1

By the way, you need .NET Framework 3.5 to make it work.

Readme file included.


AC has reported an issue while extracting data for the the first time. For my part, I work out some bugs and I’ll soon release a better version. You ‘ll be able to extract multiples files with one-click action because at the moment, it only extract the first selected file 🙁 I’m sorry for this inconvenience.

By the way, in the next version, file association will not throw an exception and will automaticaly associate *.gdi file with GDI Explorer :

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Works for me

It crashed on my first test extracting sessions 1 & 2 but on the second try, everything extracted as expected. This is great progress for automating those tedious DC tasks.

What’s next? Automatically shrinking AFS files? 😀


Re: Works for me

Thank you for your feedback AC. I hope this new version will not crash anymore 🙂

From now, it’s time for me to look into my gdlan loader. I’m late, I now, but this delay was necessary in order to prepare my tools. It’ll be so easy now to anwser well to the gdrom drive request (I mean syscall).

Btw, it seems you are my first visitor who takes time to follow my work. I appreciate it. Thank you again!

Re: Works for me

Automatically shrinking AFS files:

In “root of gd-rom” folder in command-line with dc_afsshrink in the folder or in path:
FOR /R . %1 IN (*.afs) DO dc_afsshrink %1

Double the % if it’s used in a batch file.

@japanese_cake, I would really like an option to output a sorttxt.txt it’d be really great.


Re: Works for me

Sorry didn’t see you already had implemented sorttxt!
Any posibility a command-line version could ever see the light?


Re: Works for me

My suggestion would be this (assuming command-line exed is gdie.exe):
To extract a whole gdi to a folder:
(HD area): gdie.exe -hd
(CD area): gdie.exe -cd

To output ip.bin: gdie.exe -i
To output sorttxt.txt: gdie.exe -s

And to make it so it can all be used at once: gdie.exe -i -s -hd

This would be really great. But of course it’s just a suggestion, I don’t know what would be easier for you to implement, it depends on how you structured your sourcecode.

Thank you!


Re: Works for me

It had an error: I had wrote foldername with “smaller than” and “greater than” symbol but it somehow does not show.

(HD area): gdie.exe -hd “foldername”
(CD area): gdie.exe -cd “foldername”

gdie.exe -i -s -hd “foldername”

Noticeable Improvement

Looking good!

I still had v1.1 crash on the first extraction right after it started extracting the first file in the HDA directory. However, after that, it works as expected.


Good Job men !!!

your job is amazing ,and usefull for my kind of stuff. thank’s for all.I’ll tell you if i see some mistake.

Real great tool!

Hi there I’m SiZiOUS, from the SHENTRAD Team, author of the Shenmue Translation Pack. This tool is really great and I want to know if I can make a mirror for it on my SHENTRAD Webpage (

Oh and I have a suggestion for the v1.2 release: Can you make a option to generate a valid sorttxt.txt file for recreating the image under mkisofs?

Thanks for this great tool again!!!

Re: Real great tool!

Hello SiZiOUS !

I took your suggestion into account. From now, you can generate “sorttxt.txt” file from gdi image. And, of course you can make a mirror 😉

I glanced at your shenmue project and it seems to be a lot of work. Anyway I glad you’ll use it for “shentrad” !

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