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Back from my vacations, I was contacted about a potential patch for the PAL versions of Dino Crisis. As with Resident Evil: Code Veronica, there are several PAL versions (UK, French, Spanish, Italian and German) and except for the UK one they are all localized with subtitles during the game and the FMV playback. Unfortunately,…Continue readingYou have mail!

In the meanwhile…

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Snow Surfers EURO – 60Hz/VGA Patch

Hi, As I said in my previous post, I don’t have much time to work on game patches or the next version of my custom bios. That though does not necessarily mean I can’t quickly talk about what I worked on few weeks ago! I have a couple of game patches ready or almost ready…Continue readingSnow Surfers EURO – 60Hz/VGA Patch

Another day, another patch: WWF Attitude (PAL/EURO) 60hz and VGA patch

Today, I release another patch someone asked for. I don’t know whether I will have enough time to patch them all, specially when developpers decide to do weird stuff (ugly code?)… I noticed that in the first screens with the intro movies the VGA mode is enabled but not anymore once you reach the press…Continue readingAnother day, another patch: WWF Attitude (PAL/EURO) 60hz and VGA patch