Another day, another patch: WWF Attitude (PAL/EURO) 60hz and VGA patch

Today, I release another patch someone asked for. I don’t know whether I will have enough time to patch them all, specially when developpers decide to do weird stuff (ugly code?)… I noticed that in the first screens with the intro movies the VGA mode is enabled but not anymore once you reach the press start button screen. Well, if you read the code, everything makes sense then. The game initializes 3 times the graphic libraries. And yes I use the plural form of library here because it uses two libraries: one for playing the intro movies and another one for the game itself. I’m pretty sure that if one day I meet a former employee from Acclaim, he would tell me that they ran out of time when the product guy asked them to put intro movies in the game. Anyway, I can’t and won’t blame anyone here, specially when it is a nice game to play. Thanks Acclaim!


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The only issue I have with WWF attitude at the moment is that it doesn’t seem to work with your bios release. But i have a feeling that might be something on my part. Apart form that, With just the patch, it works perfect for me on a stock DC.

Yeah, the issue was my side, It seems as though you have to patch the disc images with your patch as well as the VGA patch. Not sure if it meant to be that way?

So yes the ppf patches I release are intended to be used on boot file, not the disc image. I might release all my patches for disk images (gdis and maybe a cdi one for skies of arcadia)… Just need more time 🙂

I did check it but it is one of those 240p games and to be honest I am still not sure there is something I can do. So far I’ve been trying with bangai-o but I have weird graphics glitches that make the game almost unplayable :/ wait and see…

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