No news, good news!

It has been a while since I had an occasion to post any updates! Well, I didn’t have so much time lately and sometimes I have to put my projects appart. September is the start of the scool year, the time to return to work… But it is also the perfect time to comeback with fresh ideas 🙂 A while ago I saw on Internet a nice project that aims to connect a Dreamcast VMU to an Arduino using the SEGA Maple Bus. Well, the article is outdated, I know but imagine how it could be awesome to manage your VMU data via a “simple” driver: having your VMU icon showing up in your windows explorer and being able to transfert your saves just copy-pasting them as you do with any other files on your computer!! I don’t know when I’ll have time to work on that but I’ve already bought some pieces of hardware:

Sparkfun Pro Micro – 5V/16MHz
Controller extension cable

Now, the hardest part: develop the driver… Anyone good at developing a storage driver from windows is welcome to work on that 😉 For my part, I still have a lot to get done with my other projects!
Talking about painful topics, I pretty much did nothing more on my gdlan loader… In fact my dreamcast passed away and since I was quite busy, I was easier for me to work on the gdi explorer. The good news is that I can debug the gdrom syscalls a game makes (i.e. received them on the computer and be able to see what the game needs), and I’ve almost found a way to support retail game which use the GINSU loader (SEGA’s propretary game loader which reset the execution context so you can play other game, like in demo disc, games which has an internet browser, etc.) and also Windows CE games. Though, since the syscalls are redirected via the BBA, I think there is a conflic somewhere when I try to load a game which has an “internet function”. Games don’t freeze when your BBA is plugged in but when I activate the syscall redirection, they freeze…. arf… I feel like there is a commom concurency issue or maybe the game tries to override certain values on the G2 bus…. Anyway, things are moving forward little by little….

On the server side of the gdrom “virtualization” project, I’m about to merge the work I’ve done on GDI Explorer with the small servre part so it is easier for me to use extract data from it (byebye ugly exraction algorithm!!). That is the reason why I want to stabilize my isofile library and also some part of GDI Explorer. What I can tell you now is that GDI Explorer is really fast now and most of the core and ui code has been revisited (I’m not really good at M$ technologies… always wants to create standards that are only known by themselves) New version, anytime soon ^_^

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oh you\’re alive 🙂

Good news to read that you’ve not given up all your objectives.
I hope it will still progress in the coming monthes 😉 Greets from bomb78 🙂

tested a selfrip of a naomi gdrom. the copyright txt and the audio warning has issues. the audio seems to have alot of extra new static in it which i know isnt there when i convert raw to audio.

Re: oh you\’re alive 🙂

So many side projects I would like to become products! Well it is clear that I don’t have enough time for all of them so I try to keep focus on those that are mostly feature-complete. Anyway, I am glad to see that you are still around 🙂 Btw how is sgmx doing?

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