Release and procrastination

1/2 I’m pretty bad at being responsive lately, sorry about that! As soon as I can make time, I will release my project one by one.

2/2 Working on a new bios with new UI for custom settings and keyboard support in the bios menu, for #pso fan boys 🙂 #dreamcast

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Oh you still here 🙂
Your next bios will support bleem! ?

Thanks for all your work, so many things to do and so few time.

new jc projects

truemaster1 from assemblergames here we are eagier for your new projects. take your time ofcource since time in our age is lixury

RE: new jc projects

Hope I can finish some of my ongoing projects soon so that I can give you a hand on recvx. In the meanwhile please try to make your requests about that game clearer. I understand that you want to patch the character space but I dunno whether it has to be done on the US or JAP version. Thanks!

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